What does TaB taste like? Does TaB Soda taste good?

TaB is a soft drink created in 1963. It is a product of the Coca-Cola Company and is sold worldwide. TaB comes in several forms, including Diet TaB and Caffeine Free TaB.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at the theories and how different flavors of TaB taste. We will only answer the question once. So you can decide if it’s worth trying or not.

What is soda?

Many people are familiar with the carbonated drinks we call Coca Cola or Pepsi.

However, not everyone knows that other drinks like TAB and Sprite are similar to soft drinks known around the world. But they have different tastes.

What makes this drink so special?

TaB is a carbonated drink that was launched in 1963 and became very popular among young drinkers.

The TaB drink has a distinctive head of foam. Which some can shake to get creative.

They have less sugar than other soft drinks because they do not contain sucrose. Therefore, they are more attractive as alternative beverages with fewer calories. But with the same fun flavor.

TaB’s original flavor is Lemon Lime and has a smooth and bubbly taste.

It was introduced to the United States by The Coca-Cola Company as an alternative to traditional cola drinks. But it did not gain popularity and production was discontinued in 1985.

What does the soda tab mean?

The name TaB stands for “totally artificial drink” because it is artificially sweetened with saccharin. When it first appeared in 1963, it was originally Diet Coke (DTC).

It also has a light, fizzy taste reminiscent of popular soft drinks such as Sprite or Dr. Pepper, and is lower in calories than regular soft drinks because it does not contain sucrose.

The drink’s marketing slogan since its introduction in the mid-1970s was “Anything you want without sugar”, which accurately described the drink’s ingredients.

Why was Soda Tab discontinued?

There are many reasons to stop drinking this soft drink.

The Coca-Cola Co. it replaces it with products like Coke Zero Sugar and Diet Coke Plus, which are artificial sweeteners but taste sweeter than TaB.

TaB sales have been declining over the years. The company is also spending more money marketing other products, such as Diet Coke Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Life (which contains real sugar).

A Coca-Cola company spokesman said he believes these new drinks are “the future of our business” because they taste similar to regular soda. But it has less calories or sugar.

A key reason behind this decision was in response to increasing pressure from health officials to favor low-sugar drinks. Due to the obesity epidemic and increasing rates of diabetes worldwide. Consumers are turning to healthier alternatives, such as diet sodas and soft drinks.

Coca-Cola will stop producing TaB by the end of 2020, according to the People article. The company has been experimenting with different versions and flavors since 1985, but it’s been slow.

How is TaB different from Diet Coke?

TaB has had frequent recipe changes since it first appeared in 1963. The original contains equal parts cyclamate and saccharin: two sweeteners that taste great without the negative side effects of other sugars.

Because of the dangers and concerns about sugar consumption that emerged at that time. (It is now known that sugar does not cause tooth decay.) They once again swapped the ingredients for the sugary component of TaB.

Diet Coke, on the other hand, is the Coca-Cola Company’s answer to low-calorie soft drinks. This drink was created in 1982 with some modifications and production has continued since then. Diet Coke does not have fewer calories. But it smells and tastes like regular coke.

The caffeine content of TaB is equivalent to a single cup of decaffeinated coffee. Diet Coke, on the other hand, varies. But it usually ranges from 35 to 54 mg per can/bottle.

What do the tabs taste like? Is the tab tasty?

When it was first released, TaB was marketed as a “diet drink” without calories but still tasty. But the composition of the drink is not fixed. and has been updated many times. Including the change from cyclamate to sodium saccharin in 1969.

The taste of TaB is unique and its unique taste is hard to describe. But if you’ve had Diet Coke or Pepsi One before, TaB tastes the same, slightly sweet and bitter.

It has the same quick feel as regular sugar-free pop. If you haven’t tried any of these drinks before. Think about what your favorite drink would taste like as a meal replacement: less sweet and more carbonated, but still delicious.


TaB was a very popular drink at the time. and finally available to non-US residents when it has been sold internationally since 1962.

Hard to find these days. But feel free to find a Tab.

It tastes just like the original TaB we all know from childhood. Drink up!

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