What to serve with baked beans? 8 BEST side dishes

If you love baked beans and want to cook them yourself at home. Here is a simple recipe. For this classic dish

They are not only cheap, but also satisfying.

spicy and sour These baked beans are perfect served on toast or with plain white or brown rice.

If you want, you can add chopped or chopped onions and bacon.

if you want spicy Add hot sauce or chili. (Remember to adjust the amount depending on how spicy you like it)

Remember that the longer you cook the beans, the more they will cook. Baked beans will have more flavor and aroma.

If you want it to have more flavor and taste. Try cooking overnight in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Baked beans are delicious with steamed vegetables.

You can put in all kinds of vegetables like fresh corn, steamed broccoli, green beans, etc.

Baked beans pair well with crunchy vegetables like carrots, peppers, cabbage and celery, a healthy alternative to stir-fries.

If you want to make a great side dish for your beans, here are 8 ideas for you.

Why consider serving baked beans as a side dish?

Tired of serving baked beans with traditional foods like hot dogs or hamburgers? Let’s look at some of the side dishes that are out of the box.

Everyone loves baked beans. But sometimes it’s fun to shake things up.

trying new things Can help create excitement and spark discussion.

Why not serve baked beans with fries? Sweet and savory go well together – it’s like sushi. but in the form of french fries

You can also make different sauces to give your guests options.

Another reason to consider serving them as a side dish is that they are delicious.

For example, why not try baked beans with bacon? It’s like eating wrapped pork without the hassle of dipping each piece in batter and frying it first.

For those who want healthier options You can serve baked beans with fresh fruit.

Mangoes are a great choice as they go well with baked beans and go well with other dishes.

Baked beans are one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a side dish for a casual family barbecue, but you can definitely impress your guests. And help them whet their appetite by serving baked beans and kelp fries.

Sweet and savory go well together – it’s like sushi. but in the form of french fries

You can also make different sauces to give your guests options.

What to serve with baked beans? 8 Best Side Dishes

What a great side dish to serve with baked beans.

Here are 8 great side dishes to serve with baked beans to spice up your barbecue.

1 – pieces of bacon

minced pork

Bacon crumbles are small pieces that are salty.

You can easily prepare it in your kitchen or order from many local restaurants.

They go well with baked beans as a delicious side dish that your guests can munch on.

You can always top your bacon with parmesan cheese.

So you get the saltiness of the bacon and the rich flavor of the parmesan in one bite.

Crunchy, tasty and full of protein that will keep your guests full for hours.

The perfect side dish for casual gatherings to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

2 – Fruit salad

fruit salad

Many people love the taste of baked beans. But sometimes they get bored after a while.

Especially if you serve the same service every time.

Fruit salad is great because everyone likes it and it’s very healthy.

This is a great way to balance out the saltiness of baked beans. Your guests will not lose weight after the meal.

Be sure to pre-cut all your fruit to make it easier to serve to everyone.

People who like the sweet juice that comes with eating fruit.

Add a flavor to your baked beans that your guests will love.

3 – Vegetable Platter with Ranch Dipping Sauce

Vegetable platter with ranch dressing

Another side dish option is a vegetable dish.

This works best if you want to serve the meat on a barbecue. because it allows vegetarians to eat

That way, all your guests can enjoy fruits and vegetables with their meals.

They’re healthy and make a satisfying addition to your barbecue that guests will love.

Vegetables also go well with baked beans because of their fresh flavor.

It’s like a salad. but don’t be complicated

Place the carrots, celery, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber slices in a large bowl.

Mix the ranch dressing in a bowl to give all your vegetables an even coating.

The mixture should have a ratio of 50/50 dressing to vegetables.

You can also use your own taste to decide how much dressing you want to add.

4 – Baked potato strips

Baked potato bars

Baked potatoes are a great side dish to serve with baked beans. because apart from filling your stomach It’s also delicious.

Goes well with BBQ sauce and hamburgers.

You can offer toppings on the baked potato bar for guests to choose from. So you can add more variety to the table.

Offer grated cheese, bacon bits, chives, sour cream and other toppings. that your guests like to put fries.

They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. So guests don’t want to stop eating once they start eating.

5 – Putin


Poutine is a classic comfort food that your guests will love.

Easy to build and versatile

You can put anything on it. This is perfect for parties where you can’t immediately tell everyone’s tastes.

It goes well with the barbecue because it adds salt to your food.

Poutine can be prepared in many ways. But they all use crispy fries as a base. Therefore, it goes well with baked beans.

Bake until the potatoes are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

With BBQ sauce, baked beans, grated cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon

whatever you want

Spice up your routine by using different sauces, such as hot sauce or mustard. Substitute for traditional BBQ sauce

6 – Onions

onion pie

Another tasty side dish option is onion rings.

It is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside and delicious.

They are on the cheaper side, especially if you make your own instead of buying them ready-made at the store.

At your next barbecue Serve the onions with the baked beans for a great combination that your guests will love.

It’s a crunchy, salty snack that goes well with the rest of the table.

Make sure your batter is just right when coating the onion rings or battering them before frying.

It adds another flavor element to an already great side dish.

7 – Chip and Dip

Chips and Dip

Sometimes all you need is a tip.

It will soak up the excess juices from your roast and make a great snack while chatting with friends.

Nothing tastes better than fries dipped in salsa or guacamole.

However, choose a flavor that is strong enough to cut through the texture of the baked beans.

If you want to add variety to your barbecue spread You can make your own chips and dip at home.

Everyone loves freshly prepared food.

8 – Corn

sweet corn

last but not least Corn is a great accompaniment to baked beans for its natural sweet flavor and crunchy texture.

Here are some quick tips. to make sure your corn is fresh and tasty.

First, start by removing the outer layer of the leaf. and pull the excess thread

When you remove all the corn. Place them in a large pot of cold brine. so that the corn is completely submerged in the water

Soak for at least 10 minutes, then remove from the water and place on a hot grill.

Serve your corn with salt, pepper, butter, cilantro or parsley.


There are many things you can do for a side dish that goes well with baked beans.

The best part is that all of these easily impress all the guests at once.

It’s important to make sure you know what your guests want.

If they tell you they don’t like onions or spicy foods Avoid these options when considering serving them with beans at your next barbecue.

good grilling

preparation time 10 minutes

cooking time 10 minutes

total time 20 minutes

what’s needed

  • bacon slices
  • fruit salad
  • Vegetable platter with ranch dressing
  • Baked potato bars
  • Putin
  • onion pie
  • Chips and Dip
  • sweet corn


  1. Choose your favorite recipe from the list of options.
  2. Organize all the necessary ingredients and prepare a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less!

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